What is Bauchi L.G.A Postal Code

Please take note that Zip code is the same as Postal code. Listed below are L.G.A Zip codes, Village Zip codes, Area Zip codes, District Zip codes, Towns Zip codes, street Zip codes, Urban area Zip codes, Rural area Zip codes

District Zip codesTown Zip codes
Badakoshi Galambi
Balanshi Galambi
Barumi Zip Codes Zungur
Bayara Zungur
Bigi Zip Codes Zungur
Birshi Gandu Zungur
Birshi Gawdu Zip Codes Galambi
Birshi Zungur
Bishi Zip Codes Galambi
Burum Zungur
Buzaye Zip Codes Zungur
Buzoye Galambi
Byara Galambi
Dandago Zungur
Din Zungur
Dindima Galambi
Doka Galambi
Dulbu Zungur
Dumi Galambi
Dumin Zungur Zungur
Durum Galambi
Durum Zungur
Dutse Zungur
Gakal Zungur
Galambi Galambi
Galambi Zungur
Gasgal Galambi
Gasgol Zungur
Geji Galambi
Geji Zungur
Girshi Fulani Zungur
Gokaru Galambi
Gubi Zungur
Guma Galambi
Gwaskoram Galambi
Inkil Galambi
Jamda Zungur
Juwara Zungur
Kangere Galambi
Kuda Zungur
Kuhu Zungur
Kundak Zungur
Kundum Galambi
Kungas Zungur
Kunjinbar Galambi
Kurdum Zungur
Kuruwala Galambi
Kurwala Galambi
Lafiyari Zungur
Liman Katagum Zungur
Luda Zungur
Lugge Zungur
Lushi Zungur
Magas Zungur
Malma Galambi
Malmo Zungur
Migyara Zungur
Miri Galambi
Miri Zungur
Mun Zungur
Munsal Zungur
Muwsa Zungur
Natsira Zungur
Pimi Zungur
Rehu Galambi
Rehu Zungur
Runde Bin Galambi
Shadawanka Zungur
Shasawawka Galambi
Shinga Zungur
Taka Lafia Galambi
Tirwun Galambi
Tundunwada Zungur
Wunti Dada Zungur
Wuntin Ododo Galambi
Wura Wase Galambi
Yamrat Zungur
Yelwa Galambi
Yelwa Zungur
Yola Doka Galambi
Yuli Galambi
Zungur-Dutse Zungur
Zungur T-wada Zungur
Zungur Zungur