What is Igalamela Odolu L.G.A Postal Code

Please take note that Zip code is the same as Postal code. Listed below are L.G.A Zip codes, Village Zip codes, Area Zip codes, District Zip codes, Towns Zip codes, street Zip codes, Urban area Zip codes, Rural area Zip codes

District Zip codesTown Zip codes
Abolinyagayaga Oforachi
Agbokete Adoru
Agboni Zip Codes Adoru
Agejojo Adoru
Aguroko Zip Codes Oforachi
Ajiongu Adoru
Ajire Zip Codes Ofulko
Ajodanwu Oforachi
Ajonuche-Oko Zip Codes Adoru
Akinie Oforachi
Akuba Zip Codes Oforachi
Ala-Akabe Ofulko
Alade Oforachi
Ameke Adoru
Anambra Oforachi
Aneke Adoru
Angba Oforachi
Apata Adoru
Apata Oforachi
Arefe Adoru
Ata Adoru
Atanegume Oforachi
Ayi-Kpele Adoru
Buga Oforachi
Eche-Aba Oforachi
Emuchi Adoru
Epete Adoru
Eti-Akpacha Adoru
Eto Alkura Oforachi
Etutu Ofulko
Ibochi Adoru
Igbope Okealuju Adoru
Ihiame Oforachi
Ikare Adoru
Ikare-Ojefu Adoru
Ikpokawo Oforachi
Ikpudu-Kaji Ofulko
Imere Adoru
Obaloko Ofulko
Ofakpa Adoru
Ofe-Anwa Adoru
Ofejiji Adoru
Ofejiji Oforachi
Off Adoru
Ofobu Oforachi
Ofodo Oforachi
Ofokpiye Oforachi
Oforachi Adoru
Oforachi Oforachi
Ofuloko Ofulko
Ogaji-Gwu Adoru
Ogbajele Ofulko
Ogbololi Oforachi
Ogbomucha Oforachi
Ogbotobo Oforachi
Ogoji Ofulko
Ogwomichi Oforachi
Ojajuna Adoru
Ojete Adoru
Oji Omaji Oforachi
Ojodoma Adoru
Ojodu Oforachi
Ojokuta Adoru
Ojokuta Oforachi
Ojuro-Afu Ofulko
Ojuwo Oforachi
Okagbo Oforachi
Okaimili Oforachi
Okeku Oforachi
Okenya Ofulko
Oko-Agwu Oforachi
Oko-Ikere Oforachi
Oko-Oma Adoru
Okobu Oforachi
Okoma Oforachi
Okopolo Ofulko
Okpabioko Adoru
Okpachala Ofulko
Okpakpata Ofulko
Okpe Adoru
Okpo-Iyoloko Ofulko
Okpo Ofulko
Okpocti-Aja Ofulko
Okula-Ameji Oforachi
Okuta-Eluhe Ofulko
Olefu-Oko-Tikpa Oforachi
Olichekpe Oforachi
Opada Adoru
Orunu Ofulko
Otobo-Adogulu Adoru
Otochi Oforachi
Ugbatugba Adoru
Ugbedomagu Oforachi
Ujagba Ofulko
Ukpekpele Oforachi
Ukpologu Ofulko
Uro-Agada Oforachi
Urodu Oforachi
Utoro Oforachi
Uwowo Oforachi