What is Ado L.G.A Postal Code

Please take note that Zip code is the same as Postal code. Listed below are L.G.A Zip codes, Village Zip codes, Area Zip codes, District Zip codes, Towns Zip codes, street Zip codes, Urban area Zip codes, Rural area Zip codes

District Zip codesTown Zip codes
Abakpa Igumale
Abey Atonkon
Abisunya Zip Codes Ulayi
Achibila Ulayi
Adaboa Zip Codes Atonkon
Adegime Ulayi
Adochi Zip Codes Atonkon
Agbekpu Agila
Agila Zip Codes Agila
Agom Ulayi
Agwu Zip Codes Agila
Ai-AdaakaAi-Agbo Igumale
Ai-Amidu Agila
Ai-Ogbola Agila
Ai-Okpam Ulayi
Ai-Unazi Agila
Aikpiliogwu Agila
Aizu Agila
Akpa Centre Agila
Akpoge Agila
Anjotsu Agila
Anmeta Agila
Atuolo Atonkon
Efopfu Ulayi
Efufu Agila
Ehaje Ulayi
Elikizi Igumale
Enjoji Atonkon
Etenyi Igumale
Ibende Agila
Ichesi Ulayi
Idobi Ulayi
Igah Igumale
Igba Atonkon
Igbizi Agila
Ikpatene Atonkon
Ikpeba Agila
Ikpilogwu Agila
Ikpole Ulayi
Ikpomolokpo Atonkon
Ikponkpon Igumale
Ipole Ulayi
Ivetse Agila
Izigban Ulayi
Jalili Atonkon
Ndekma Atonkon
Ndogaba Atonkon
Ogbee Igumale
Ogbegbera Agila
Ogbilolo Agila
Ogbokwu Agila
Ogebee Agila
Ogedegi Atonkon
Ogi Atonkon
Oglede Agila
Ogongo Igumale
Ogongo Ulayi
Oje Otaje Agila
Ojeba Ulayi
Ojenyo Atonkon
Ojije Atonkon
Okari Atonkon
Okonoji Atonkon
Okpakor Agila
Okpatobo Agila
Okpe Ulayi
Okpudu Atonkon
Okwasi Atonkon
Okwo Agila
Olekwu Igumale
Olukpo Atonkon
Omogwu Ulayi
Onogwu Agila
Opwa Agila
Osabo Igumale
Osalemu Agila
Osiloko Atonkon
Osipi Igumale
Osudu Agila
Osukpo Igumale
Ote-Ogbeche Agila
Otokilo Agila
Oturukpo Igumale
Rijo Atonkon
Royongo Atonkon
Udebo-Ukwonyo Atonkon
Udegu Agila
Udegu-Ai-Osa-Kpoma Agila
Udegu-Akpo Agila
Udegu Urisi Agila
Udokwu-Agarada Agila
Ugbala Ulayi
Ugede Atonkon
Ukwonyo Atonkon
Ulayi Ulayi
Unwege-Igba Atonkon
Unweje-Rijo Atonkon
Utonkon Atonkon
Wunikpo Atonkon
Wurechi Atonkon