What is Dekina L.G.A Postal Code

Please take note that Zip code is the same as Postal code. Listed below are L.G.A Zip codes, Village Zip codes, Area Zip codes, District Zip codes, Towns Zip codes, street Zip codes, Urban area Zip codes, Rural area Zip codes

District Zip codesTown Zip codes
Adiele Birdu
Adoji Birdu
Adoloko Zip Codes Dekina
Adoma Birdu
Adum Zip Codes Birdu
Adum Dekina
Adumu Zip Codes Okura Egume
Agada Birdu
Agala Zip Codes Okura Egume
Agbada Dekina
Agbajo Zip Codes Birdu
Agbeji Dekina
Agidibai Birdu
Ajada Dekina
Ajagum Okura Egume
Aje-Kelega Birdu
Ajebido Birdu
Ajediomku Dekina
Ajegwuna Birdu
Ajieru Birdu
Ajijeina Birdu
Ajiolo Dekina
Ajochidi Birdu
Ajogwoni Birdu
Ajomachi Birdu
Ajonu-Ota Birdu
Ajuchaja Dekina
Akure Dekina
Alade Okura Egume
Aligi-Ado Okura Egume
Alioko Dekina
Aliolo Dekina
Ameka Okura Egume
Anama Dekina
Angwa Birdu
Araba Birdu
Asbado Dekina
Ate-Uge Dekina
Atenokpe Birdu
Ebeje Dekina
Efikelegwu Birdu
Egbile-Ugani Birdu
Egbole Okura Egume
Egomeha Birdu
Egudi Dekina
Egume Okura Egume
Elika Birdu
Elubi Okura Egume
Emewe Birdu
Emewe-Efopa Birdu
Eturekpe Dekina
Gbokoluba Birdu
Ireko Dekina
Itaima Dekina
Itama Okura Egume
Iyale Dekina
Kefi Birdu
Lafia Okura Egume
Lokp Birdu
Ochaja Okura Egume
Ochaji Okura Egume
Ochele Dekina
Odolu Dekina
Odu Dekina
Ofakaga Okura Egume
Ofalikpa Okura Egume
Ofanwa Okura Egume
Ofawuna Okura Egume
Ofejiji Okura Egume
Ofomu Dekina
Ofugo Dekina
Ofujiji Dekina
Ogaloto Dekina
Ogbogbo Birdu
Ogene-Enigu Dekina
Ojapata Okura Egume
Ojikpadala Okura Egume
Ojukpo Birdu
Ojuwo Dekina
Ojuwo Okura Egume
Okete Dekina
Okpakili Dekina
Okpeyegede Dekina
Okura-Lafia Okura Egume
Okura-Sawmi II Okura Egume
Okure-Egume Okura Egume
Okwolo Birdu
Ola Okura Egume
Olaji Okura Egume
Ologba Dekina
Olowa Okura Egume
Onichaigo Okura Egume
Onugba Okura Egume
Songhai Dekina
Tandoma Dekina
Tuani-Oko Okura Egume
Uchaikpele Birdu
Ugbabo Dekina
Uje Dekina
Ulaja Dekina