What is Yenagoa L.G.A Postal Code

Please take note that Zip code is the same as Postal code. Listed below are L.G.A Zip codes, Village Zip codes, Area Zip codes, District Zip codes, Towns Zip codes, street Zip codes, Urban area Zip codes, Rural area Zip codes

District Zip codesTown Zip codes
Abasere Yenagoa (Rural)
Agbia Yenagoa (Rural)
Agbobiri Zip Codes Yenagoa (Rural)
Agorogbene Yenagoa (Rural)
Agudama-Epie Zip Codes Yenagoa (Rural)
Agudama Yenagoa (Rural)
Akada Zip Codes Yenagoa (Rural)
Akpide Yenagoa (Rural)
Akunomi Zip Codes Yenagoa (Rural)
Amarata Yenagoa (Rural)
Amasso Zip Codes Yenagoa (Rural)
Anyamabele Yenagoa (Rural)
Atissa Yenagoa (Rural)
Azikoro Yenagoa (Rural)
Bebelibiri Yenagoa (Rural)
Betaland Yenagoa (Rural)
Biogbolo Yenagoa (Rural)
Biseni Yenagoa (Rural)
Bumodi Yenagoa (Rural)
Ede-Pie Yenagoa (Rural)
Egbebiri Yenagoa (Rural)
Ekeki Yenagoa (Rural)
Ekpetiama Yenagoa (Rural)
Emblama Yenagoa (Rural)
Epie Yenagoa (Rural)
Fangbe Yenagoa (Rural)
Freetown Yenagoa (Rural)
Gbarain Yenagoa (Rural)
Gbaramtoru Yenagoa (Rural)
Ibia Yenagoa (Rural)
Igbogene Yenagoa (Rural)
Ikarama Yenagoa (Rural)
Ikibiri Yenagoa (Rural)
Ikolo Yenagoa (Rural)
Jackbiri Yenagoa (Rural)
Kaiama Yenagoa (Rural)
Kalaba Yenagoa (Rural)
Karama Yenagoa (Rural)
Korama Yenagoa (Rural)
Kpansia Yenagoa (Rural)
Nyanbiri Yenagoa (Rural)
Obungha Yenagoa (Rural)
Ogbolomo Yenagoa (Rural)
Ogoniforu Yenagoa (Rural)
Ogu Yenagoa (Rural)
Ojogbolo Yenagoa (Rural)
Okolobiri Yenagoa (Rural)
Okorodia Yenagoa (Rural)
Okotiama Yenagoa (Rural)
Okutukutu Yenagoa (Rural)
Omom Yenagoa (Rural)
Onura Yenagoa (Rural)
Opolo Yenagoa (Rural)
Ovelemini Yenagoa (Rural)
Polaku Yenagoa (Rural)
Tein Yenagoa (Rural)
Tombia Yenagoa (Rural)
Tuburu Yenagoa (Rural)
Yenegwe Yenagoa (Rural)
Yeniozue-Epie Yenagoa (Rural)
Zarama Epie Yenagoa (Rural)
Zarama Yenagoa (Rural)