What is Kolokuma/Opokuma L.G.A Postal Code

Please take note that Zip code is the same as Postal code. Listed below are L.G.A Zip codes, Village Zip codes, Area Zip codes, District Zip codes, Towns Zip codes, street Zip codes, Urban area Zip codes, Rural area Zip codes

District Zip codesTown Zip codes
Akaibiri Kolokumma
Aya-Ama Kolokumma
Ayibabiri Zip Codes Kolokumma
Ayokoroma Kolokumma
Gbarama Zip Codes Kolokumma
Igbanwa Kolokumma
Igbedi Zip Codes Kolokumma
Kalama Kolokumma
Odi Zip Codes Kolokumma
Ofonibiri Kolokumma
Okolobaa Zip Codes Kolokumma
Oloibiri Kolokumma
Oyobu Kolokumma
Sabagreia Kolokumma
Sampou Kolokumma