What is Brass L.G.A Postal Code

Please take note that Zip code is the same as Postal code. Listed below are L.G.A Zip codes, Village Zip codes, Area Zip codes, District Zip codes, Towns Zip codes, street Zip codes, Urban area Zip codes, Rural area Zip codes

District Zip codesTown Zip codes
Abadikiri Brass
Abedigbene Brass
Akipelai Zip Codes Brass
Amagbefeu Brass
Ampogu Zip Codes Brass
Aparanbio Brass
Arumhikiri Zip Codes Brass
Atubo Brass
Awajeakiri Zip Codes Brass
Awazakiri Brass
Ayagirikiri Zip Codes Brass
Buogboko Brass
Burukiri Brass
Cape Formosa Brass
Captninakiri Brass
Clarendon Brass
Curpen Brass
Duokumgbene Brass
Ebelegbene Brass
Ebikiri Brass
Egwema Brass
Egwema Pogu Brass
Ekemakiri Brass
Ekesitoko Brass
Elgitekin Brass
Eluenigbene Brass
Enegalogo Brass
Ereweibio Brass
Etabolagone Brass
Ganigbene Brass
Gbene Ghama Brass
Gold Coast Brass
Golubokiri Brass
Guorogbene Brass
Ibelebiekiri Brass
Ibtufra-Makiri Brass
Idema Brass
Igbabele Brass
Jekegbene Brass
Kabuke Brass
Kalabilema Brass
Kallah Oroba Island Brass
Kamikiri Brass
Kemmers Town Brass
Kinkiamabugo Brass
Kirigupo Brass
Kirikakiri Brass
Kongho Brass
Mbaskiri Brass
Mileokiri Brass
Minibeleu Brass
Misakiri Brass
Moborokiri Brass
Monikiri Brass
Munighakiri Brass
Namatebe Brass
Nampoju Brass
Oaroweiama Brass
Ogbonotroko Brass
Oimiekiri Brass
Okiinibiriba Brass
Okinbiriboteu Brass
Okobotruo Brass
Okoribukio Brass
Okparanaba Brass
Okpoama Brass
Okpokiri Brass
Olugama Brass
Opolochi Brass
Oporoma Brass
Opu Akassa Brass
Opuorubo Brass
Orawo Brass
Oro-Foniweitoro Brass
Orukiri Brass
Orukutu Brass
Osugbene Brass
Otatubei Brass
Otolo Brass
Otufor Brass
Peribe Brass
Philippo Brass
Sabatoru Brass
Saikiri Brass
sanekubo Brass
Sangana Brass
Sasuokiri Brass
Sounkiri Brass
Sowegbene Brass
Spiffis Town Brass
Tana Brass
Tengikiri Brass
Tereke Brass
Ton Kiri Brass
Tuluama Brass
Wabokiri Brass
Wagite Brass
Waribokikiri Brass
Warise Gbene Brass
Warri Brass