What is Bursari L.G.A Postal Code

Please take note that Zip code is the same as Postal code. Listed below are L.G.A Zip codes, Village Zip codes, Area Zip codes, District Zip codes, Towns Zip codes, street Zip codes, Urban area Zip codes, Rural area Zip codes

District Zip codesTown Zip codes
Bade Gana Bursari
Bayammari Bursari
Bula Zip Codes Bursari
Buruta Bursari
Butsari Zip Codes Bursari
Damana Bursari
Damanawa Zip Codes Bursari
Dambuk Bursari
Danani Zip Codes Bursari
Dapchi Bursari
Gadiriri Zip Codes Bursari
Gareji Tsamowa Bursari
Garin Alhaji Bursari
Garin Boka Bursari
Garin Lamido Bursari
Garindole Bursari
Giljabi Bursari
Giruwon Bursari
Gojiji Korem Bursari
Goroji Bursari
Gruawa Bursari
Guba Bursari
Guji Bursari
Gumsa Gama Bursari
Jafinori Bursari
Jibirinti Bursari
Juluri Bursari
Kajimaram Bursari
Kariari Bursari
Kindilwa Bursari
Komandugu Bursari
Kurnawa Bursari
Massaba Bursari
Shettimari Bursari
Sundwa Bursari
Warodi Bursari
Yobe Bursari