What is Kirfi L.G.A Postal Code

Please take note that Zip code is the same as Postal code. Listed below are L.G.A Zip codes, Village Zip codes, Area Zip codes, District Zip codes, Towns Zip codes, street Zip codes, Urban area Zip codes, Rural area Zip codes

District Zip codesTown Zip codes
Arawa Kirfi
Badara Kirfi
Bage Zip Codes Kirfi
Bakginde Kirfi
Balla Zip Codes Kirfi
Bara Kirfi
Beni Zip Codes Kirfi
Boli Kirfi
Bure Zip Codes Kirfi
Cheledi Kirfi
Danonguza Zip Codes Kirfi
Dewu Kirfi
Digare Kirfi
Garin Giwa Kirfi
Harda Kirfi
Hardo Bawa Kirfi
Jabba Kirfi
Jada Kirfi
Jimbum Kirfi
Kachiyeli Kirfi
Kadiya Kirfi
Kafin Iya Kirfi
Kalajanga Kirfi
Kalamboli Kirfi
Kaloma Kirfi
Kanawa Kirfi
Kilari Kirfi
Kirfi Kirfi
Kyesu Kirfi
Lafiya Kirfi
Shango Kirfi
Sherifuri Kirfi
Shongo Kirfi
Shugu Kirfi
Sunkani Kirfi
Taure Kirfi
Tubule Kirfi
Wanka Kirfi
Wuro Chitta Kirfi
Zagaima Kirfi