What is Kibiya L.G.A Postal Code

Please take note that Zip code is the same as Postal code. Listed below are L.G.A Zip codes, Village Zip codes, Area Zip codes, District Zip codes, Towns Zip codes, street Zip codes, Urban area Zip codes, Rural area Zip codes

District Zip codesTown Zip codes
Agiri Kibiya
Bacha Kibiya
Burmuni Zip Codes Kibiya
Chaibo Kibiya
Dungu Zip Codes Kibiya
Durba Kibiya
Dususu Zip Codes Kibiya
Falange Kibiya
Fammar Zip Codes Kibiya
Fanchi Kibiya
Gadako Zip Codes Kibiya
Gari Kibiya
Gingiya Kibiya
Gunda Kibiya
Jabanni Kibiya
Jar Mawa Kibiya
Kadigana Kibiya
Kibiya Kibiya
Kuluki Kibiya
Kure Kibiya
Lausu Kibiya
Madachi Kibiya
Nariya Kibiya
Sanda Kibiya
Sarari Kibiya
Shingi Kibiya
Tarai Kibiya
U/Liman Kibiya